Aroma Cucina Cooking Classes in Umbria, Italy

Private, Hands-on Cooking Classes in Your Holiday Villa

Customized Private Classes & Market Visit

Classes are designed especially for you and your group.

Shop like a local! Cook like an Italian!


Suggested Class Courses Include:

Eating in Umbria: Prepare a 3 or 4 course lunch or dinner

The Miracle of Flour and Water: Baking Bread and Making Pasta

Seasonal & Local Cooking: In tune with the season and the location

making cooking a satisfying part of life

Kitchen Basics: How to hold your knife, boil water, relax in the kitchen

Umbrian Wine Primer Course

Cocktail Shaking

Email me and we can plan a class or a party.

Classes start at 50 euro/per person, group prices available

Handmade Ravioli
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