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Unfortunately TypePad has let me down. After uploading Part 2 of the Bareclona blog..twice…TypePad crashed again. My apologies, it will be a few days before we can get Part 2 up there…(Read More)

What do you do when your garden is onions all needed to be picked at once, the peppers are crazy cheap in the market, and it is the height of zucchini season? You pickle everything!I’ve pickled onions and green tomatoes before, but I’ve also had trouble controlling the amount of acid or…(Read More)

I know. You say you already know anchovies. You say you don’t like anchovies. What if I said, maybe not and maybe you should reconsider? Allow me to introduce you to Chef Maurizio, of Il Maestrale Pizzeria, in the tiny village of Le Forna, on the small island of Ponza…(Read More)

You have to like asparagus if you are in Italy in the spring. There is no escaping the spears, they are in every mercato, every supermarket, on every menu. Occasionally you’ll spot an exotic white or purple asparagus display, but for every day eating, it’s green asparagus. In our mercato, you get a…(Read More)

We’ve slid off the spatula of our searing African weather, into the low boil of Italian summer heat. After the abrupt shift to summer, we’re now getting the chance to become adjusted to our new life style. Which means we barely want to eat anything more than prosciutto and melon, or gazpacho. Gazpacho…(Read More)

Asparagus are everywhere. Wild, cultivated, in the market and in grocery stores; there is no escaping asparagus at this time of year.Let bygones by bygones, and let’s get on with the soup recipe! This is a soup you can have as long as you have fresh asparagus…(Read More)

What’s gorgeous enough to serve at a holiday gathering, but easy enough to indulge in whenever you feel like it? It’s that time of year again, lots of parties, potlucks and bring-a-dish moments, when you have very little time to be messing around in the kitchen. Fennel gratin to the rescue…(Read More)

‘Tis that gift giving season again, and nothing warms a cooking person’s heart like a new cookbook. Here is my completely subjective list, in no particular order, but arranged by delicately nuanced categories, of favorite books to give to deserving friends…(Read More)