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TeenBrideWe have a plant in our orto that I call our “Teen Bride”. She keeps having babies, is totally unsupported, and when you pluck a fruit from her, she shudders as if to say, “Thank you!”. Then she stands a little straighter, brazenly sprouting even more fruit. I like eggplant, don’t get me wrong…(Read More)

Kitchen Magic What is the emergency, go-to, secret weapon that I try to keep in my fridge at all times? And it’s not ketchup, although mustard takes second place. First place goes to:….Veal Stock! If Merlin the Magician waved his wand in your kitchen, he would give you this Secret Weapon…(Read More)

Apple likes “Cooking Simply The Italian Way” so much we’re featured as “New & Notable” in the iBook Store! My name is on the same page as Agatha Christie….mamma freakin‘ mia that is amazing! OK, I hear you, “Uh, what’s a CookVook?” It’s a cookbook with videos. “Cooking Simply The Italian Way…(Read More)

Best risotto ever How can I write a risotto recipe that starts with “Roast 1 flock of chickens? Reserve juices.”?? I recently had to roast a lot of chickens, actually an entire flock of them, and as they cooled, there was all this lovely chicken juice in the bottom of the pans. I put it…(Read More)

To celebrate our first harvest from the garden, we made a ‘rucola con Gorgonzola’ sauce for pasta. It’s a classic pairing of the spicy green with Gorgonzola blue cheese. Quick Gorgonzola lesson: it’s a cow’s milk cheese and it comes in two varieties, sweet/dolce/montagna or piccante. The sweet Gorgonzola is…(Read More)

Pasta Primavera means “pasta in the springtime”. Its more about what you have on hand, than it is about being tied to a recipe. If you are just getting home from work, put the tomatoes in the oven, then go change your clothes, walk the dog etc. When you come back into the kitchen it…(Read More)

his dude is saying everything that I’ve been saying for years. People need to cook, people need to get into the kitchen, sit around a table together. Watch the video, then let’s talk. It’s important…(Read More)

To sear or not to sear – that is the question. Whether ‘tis juicer or tastier on the tongue The claims and counterclaims of outrageous bloggers Or to take forks against a sea of evidence And, by opposing, end them. To taste, to eat   Apologies to Mr. Shakespeare but I’ve been experimenting with searing…(Read More)

Everybody loves bread sticks or grissini, as they are called in Italy. Fun and quick to make, they add a homemade touch to a cheese plate or a rustic accent to a simple pasta dinner. Oh come on, do you really need me to tell you when it’s a good time to eat a…(Read More)