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Making Soup


I could eat soup every day. And in these days of economic austerity, soup is a good choice. It’s certainly flexible: cheap, peasant, elegant, rustic, you name it and there will be a soup recipe that fits the description. Recently I’ve been on a tomato soup kick. Hell, Campbell’s made an entire…(Read More)

Lentil Soup


Lentil Soup2-3 stalks of celery2 carrots1 onion 2-3 cloves of garlic4-5 links of sausage (optional)1 glug of red wine (that’s a technical term for when you add a glug of wine)1 cup lentils4 cups watersalt, pepper, thyme, olive oil Finely chop the celery, carrots, onion and garlic, the pieces…(Read More)

Philosophy of Soup


For all of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s soup season. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere…. I hope you are enjoying yourselves!Most people, when they think of homemade soup, they think it takes days or many hours or chicken stock, or any number of reasons why they can’t make…(Read More)

Celery Soup


Celery Soup also known as the Empty Fridge Soup You know the drill. No time to shop, you are hungry, you don’t want to spend time in the kitchen, you don’t want to order up nasty, fatty food, and all you’ve got is some celery, a bit of onion, and a piece…(Read More)

Black Bean Soup


Black Bean Soup1?4 lb. chopped pancetta or bacon 3?4 cup each of chopped onions, carrots, celery, zucchini1 cup fresh chopped tomatoes1 knob of fresh ginger, coarsely chopped3-4 cloves of garlic1 whole chili pepper (more if you want some extra heat)1 lb of black beansWedge of fresh lime Heat a few tablespoons…(Read More)

Tomato-Ginger soup 1 lb tomatoes, any kind, this recipe is for the time of year when tomatoes are everywhere!1 knob of fresh ginger1 small onion2 cloves garlic1 carrot1 stalk of celery1 chili pepper, not killer hot, you want gentle heat, not a hellish blast3/4 liter of watersalt and pepper to taste This…(Read More)