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What exactly is this Mediterranean diet everyone speaks of? Having lived on a Mediterranean island for a few weeks, where eating anything other than the local diet wasn’t really possible, I’m going to say it’s very delicious, but I’m not so sure it travels well…(Read More)

I swear I’m not trying to rub it in, but unless you are in central Italy, right now, and unless it rains again, you probably won’t be able to taste the elusive prugnolo mushroom. There is a prugnolo cult in Umbria. Small signs pop up on restaurant windows simply announcing ‘prugnolo’. Nothing more…(Read More)

Mother Nature is giving us one last sensory overload before the dark and quiet of winter. Colors are vibrant but tinged with decay. The air carries the scent of earth and smoke; the smell of sunlight and freshness is relegated to the back of the closet along with t-shirts and sandals. Our Umbrian fall…(Read More)

Another reason to love Italy: Tarocco blood oranges. Taroccos make sweet, low acid juice, which are perfect for your morning antioxidant, low calorie, breakfast of champions. Tarocco’s have the highest vitamin C content of any orange, and are high in fiber. How can something taste so good and be healthy when it comes in…(Read More)

What goes on in the world of food media and marketing? Are we content to be treated as mindless children? walking wallets? elitist foodies devouring endangered species? Alice Waters included sharks fin in her wish list for a final meal and was soundly berated for being insensitive. Hell, I want some of those Ortolan little…(Read More)

Even the most casual wine drinker probably knows the difference between a chardonnay and a white zinfandel. If this is the case, why don’t the most passionate chefs or home cooks know more about their olive oil? Maybe the chefs know a brand name, but do they know what variety of olive is used…(Read More)