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We had a week of firsts. First rites of the spring season, first flowers, first adventures in Umbria. Italy is literally bursting with flowers right now and it’s a marvelous time to be here. Here’s a week in photos from our week of spring in Italy…(Read More)

We went on a ‘dry run’ of one of our optional tours that will be offered during Conference. Escorted by the charming Kian Lam Kho of Red Cook, we fearlessly boarded the No. 7 train to Flushing Queens. He took us to three of his favorite restaurants: a Taiwanese, a Shanghai and a northern Chinese…(Read More)

Mother Nature is giving us one last sensory overload before the dark and quiet of winter. Colors are vibrant but tinged with decay. The air carries the scent of earth and smoke; the smell of sunlight and freshness is relegated to the back of the closet along with t-shirts and sandals. Our Umbrian fall…(Read More)

Is it alchemy or magic when a spell is cast and you are transported to another place? When words transport and images bring a place to life? Food bloggers are stuck in that nether world between art and craft, hobby and vocation, respect and silliness. Perhaps we belong to the old tradition of serial story…(Read More)

Some flavor combinations are classic; and sausage and peppers fall into that category. Remember the old cartoons where the vapor would rise from the dish, and then beckon you to eat? That’s what happens when you saute peppers and sausage. This dish is perfect just as the weather turns cool, and the last of…(Read More)

There’s a little island, off the coast, between Roma and Napoli and it is calling our name. A craggy crescent of volcanic rock, Circe once ruled Ponza, singing her siren song to the tragic Ulysses. Perhaps, we’re hearing the call…(Read More)

My mother always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” And ordinarily if we go to a restaurant and we don’t like it, we don’t blog it. But, this one got to me. We had gone to Il Clandestino in Porto Novo a few…(Read More)