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Who cares if it’s a soup or a salad? Or if it’s a salad with soup on top? It’s summertime, so why not cross the border between the unexpected and the delicious. A clean, hot seafood broth, with small shrimp, poured over fresh tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and a lot of herbs, served…(Read More)

Roast Quail Salad I hate leftovers. I’m not talking about when you made spaghetti bolognese and you freeze half for later, I’m talking about having one quail or a small piece of tri-tip steak. Or roast pork that is fabulous when it comes out of the oven, but two days later, what…(Read More)

I like to play with fire, so after harvesting some ripe tomatoes and a fistful of basil, I decided to experiment with adding just a kiss of heat to two different dishes. Just a bacio of heat to soften up the tomato sauce, and another kiss to add a warm parmigiana crust to a fresh…(Read More)

Life gets hectic this time of year so it’s time to rely on quick, easy, satisfying and easy to clean. If it’s going to be dinner, then it needs to satisfy   1 Pear, a firm pear, not over ripe Salad greens for two, a mild green like baby romaine works well Vinaigrette…(Read More)