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It was a bittersweet dinner at Locanda al Gambero Rosso. A restaurant we’ve loved, that we’ve called our favorite in the whole world, will shut the lights and shutter their doors at the end of August. Our hearts are broken, but we are looking forward to the next chapters in the lives of…(Read More)

According to Paolo Rodaro, there are only four kinds of wine: red, white, good, or bad. If you taste a wine and think, “Hmmm…might be off.” and you taste again, and maybe a third time, Paolo thinks you are wasting time. You were right the first time, send the wine back. He uses real…(Read More)

Surely there are plenty of mad women in the village of Le Forna on Isola di Ponza, but it’s the mad chefs of Le Forna that captured our hearts and stomachs. From crusty pizza to oily, inky black spaghetti, to delicately fried fish, to impressive apertivi, to a feast on a boat, these men…(Read More)

A weekend adventure that transports and recharges. Bright cones of ground spices seduce with their colors and their aroma. A mosaic pattern on the floor is actually an intricate arrangement of rice, beans and peas. A bowl of black seppia ink pasta coats our lips and teeth, turning us into daytime ghouls. Meals that are…(Read More)

La Logge is tucked away in the atrium building off the main piazza in Citta di Castello, and they have quietly been developing a fine restaurant. We’ve gone a number of times now and have impressed with their creative menu, execution, presentation and obvious love of what they do.  The three young proprietors…(Read More)

New is not always better. Sometimes there is a very good reason for a classic dish to be classic. Sometimes trendy doesn’t satisfy and sometimes you can simply be blown away by a combination of good service, good wine and outstanding food. We went to Locanda al Gambero Rosso a few years ago and…(Read More)

Getting out of Dodge over the weekend was inspiring. It refreshes me to walk out of the kitchen and do something totally unrelated to food, things like look at an ironworkers competition or ride a bike.  It also forces us to eat out, something we don’t get around to doing that much. After…(Read More)

We were nervous. Our reputation was on the line. But, the intrepid Pizza Guru needed to taste the pizza at Triangolo, so we met him at a designated parking lot and set out on our venture to find a truly good pizza. Set deep in the Carpini valley, the mysterious town of Pietralunga seems an…(Read More)