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SPONSORED POST “Experience the cuisine that changed modern cooking.” It seems as if the entire planet has gone mad for Nordic cooking and any chef whose name has an O with a line through it. Even NYC will be having it’s first North Food Festival October 2-7, sponsored by the marvelous folks at…(Read More)

Life gets hectic this time of year so it’s time to rely on quick, easy, satisfying and easy to clean. If it’s going to be dinner, then it needs to satisfy   1 Pear, a firm pear, not over ripe Salad greens for two, a mild green like baby romaine works well Vinaigrette…(Read More)

Potato and Onion Torte Arevederci to ‘our’ Australians! We spent a wonderful week cooking for an Australian family, and we are sad to say good-bye to them. Hopefully our paths will cross again, maybe in New York. They are a very special family, who understand the value and pleasure of spending time together. Potato…(Read More)

5 Nut Pesto


Sometimes an idea is so good, you wonder why didn’t someone think of it sooner? The other night, our friends John and Libby handed us a jar of pesto that they had made that day. John did it old skool style: in a mortar, by hand.   Now, I’ve always been a…(Read More)

Old Favorite


It’s sort of like going closet shopping. You know when you go to the back of the closet and dig out some forgotten gem?  We were hungry. There wasn’t much around in the kitchen. What to make for lunch? I had eggs, a bit of swiss chard and a leek. Sformata! I…(Read More)

My Recipes


These are some of the recipes that I’ve created this summer. They are meant as a guideline to creating a similar dish in your kitchen.  All of us have access to slightly different ingredients, some of us like lots of garlic and spice, some don’t. That’s the beauty of cooking at…(Read More)