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It’s holiday season. That time of year when you are either entertaining, or being entertained and you need to bring something delicious to the next party. Here’s a simple and delicious way to make potatoes using Prosciutto di Parma. If you use little red potatoes and a chopped parsley as a garnish, it…(Read More)

Everyone loves the crunchy top of a potato casserole, and the browny bits stuck to the sides. What if I could expose every slice of potato to dry heat? Wouldn’t it create crunch on every slice, and not just on top? Could I have invented the next best thing since popcorn…(Read More)

“What is culinary heritage and is it always linked to tourism?” Is the Italian culinary heritage a prison or a platform? Please feel free to insert any nationality into that question. Tell me, what do you think about your culinary heritage? Is it a prison or a platform? Is it evolving or devolving…(Read More)

I’m worried about my hometown. Are we New Yorkers resting on our foodie laurels instead of being at the forefront of the culinary movement? Are we becoming a faded rose’? Past our prime? When I tell someone to go to Philly for pizza instead of NY, that’s ominous. You want examples? Let’s…(Read More)

OK. Somebody explain to me the point of this NY Times Editorial: Best Cooking Show Ever.Are we celebrating mediocrity? gay partnership? cross dressing? chicken thighs? a search for the real Southern mama's boy?  giving pointers on making mayonnaise?Why does this wind up featured on the editorial page of the NY…(Read More)

Its 2010 and a new decade beckons us, but what did we eat in the Aught-Naught Decade? Here is a random and completely subjective compilation of food trends in our recently departed decade.  Collected from popular trend lists, I'm not editing, just reporting the facts.   2000 Buzzword: Local Hot Cuisine…(Read More)

A strega is a witch and I’m feeling like a strega without a broom.  No, I'm not talking about cleaning; I’m talking about not having my familiars about, my spices, herbs, oils, vinegars, my tools of the kitchen trade. Coming back to NYC, to an empty kitchen is one thing…(Read More)