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Best risotto ever How can I write a risotto recipe that starts with “Roast 1 flock of chickens? Reserve juices.”?? I recently had to roast a lot of chickens, actually an entire flock of them, and as they cooled, there was all this lovely chicken juice in the bottom of the pans. I put it…(Read More)

As part of my ongoing public service weather announcements, I declare it taboulleh season. There are more recipes for taboulleh than there are stars in the sky and just about as many ways to spell it. Here's my recipe for a most refreshing, clean, and maybe even healthy summer salad. Soak some bulghar…(Read More)

Lentil Liquid


             Inspired by Shola Olunloyo’s Studio Kitchen blog where he sang the praises of retaining and using the liquid left over from cooking lentils, I gave it a whirl the other night, and he is right.  Blended with a little toasted cumin, and some brown butter…(Read More)

Faro Salad


After eating faro and porcini soup all winter, it was time to break out the faro and make a salad. Faro is one of the most ancient grains, it’s clean tasting and crunchy and satisfying. Think of it as a meatier barley. I usually buy the peeled or semi-peeled variety. Here it is…(Read More)

2 cups of lentils, picked through and rinsed1 big carrot, or 2 smallish carrots, peeled2 stalks of celery1 onion2 cloves of garlic5 med size links of fresh pork sausage (optional)4 cups of stock,or broth, (leftover duck and porcini consomme, vegetable broth if you want to keep this vegetarian, chicken stock will be a…(Read More)

What’s a pulse?


No, not the little beep-beep you get when you press on your wrist. A pulse is a the seed of a legume, things such as peas, farro, lentils, orzo, etc…(Read More)