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Needless to say, our hearts are in our throats and prayers are on our lips as we watch the news about the storm.  May it just blow away.  If you have a few minutes, and want to understand a little more about the levees that broke in New Orleans, about the levees in…(Read More)

The Southern Food & Beverage Museum will be celebrating their very grand opening this week.   Thursday evening there will be the opening gala and Saturday morning will be the ribbon cutting ceremony. These are good people who are working to preserve our Southern culinary heritage. I’ll be honest, when I first met…(Read More)

New Orleans Update Warning: this is not at all about food; it’s about what’s going on in NOLA right now. After my trip to New Orleans, where I fell in love with this wacky city, I’ve been staying in touch with bloggers from NOLA, and in particular with Bruce from New Orleans…(Read More)

This is an excerpt from an e-mail from Bruce at NoLAdder that I had to share with you. Doesn’t this sound and smell about as good as it get??  Bruce is trying to explain to me about cooking fish on a plank. But, I don’t know nuthin’ about fish and planks…(Read More)

Last year at the IACP conference, the food writer’s section was given the challenge to raise awareness about New Orleans. We were asked to spread the word, to not let people forget. The powers that be in the US government didn’t step up to the plate, so it’s up to us.&nbsp…(Read More)

I couldn’t leave New Orleans without have a plate of crawfish. I was a bit leery of trying a touristy looking place in the French Quarter, but my misgivings were mis-founded. Aunt Frieda was in charge of the boiling cauldron of crawfish, and as I sat facing her, it was like watching a…(Read More)

What happens when gazillions of food obsessed people (oh, excuse me, I mean Culinary Professionals) descend on New Orleans?  They all start writing about it!The Food Writers section of IACP was given the task of spreading the word about what’s going on in New Orleans, and the bloggers are doing their bit…(Read More)

Two things I’ve just learned: ‘kahve’ is Turkish for coffee. Which would explain the beautiful, hand made Turkish delight sweets that were displayed. And the Khave House does music…(Read More)

Some places have a natural magnetism and power.  The early Popes acknowledged this when they were battling the scourge of paganism. They would tear down the pagan temples and build their own church on the same spot, hoping to capture the power. The Royal Kahve Coffee House, on the corner of Royal and Touro…(Read More)