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High Atlitude Chopped I’ve got at least 20 years of experience under my belt, or in my ski boots, whatever the case may be, but I still think high altitude cooking is a royal pain. It’s like playing an endless game of Chopped. Fresh food ebbs and flows depending on if anyone has…(Read More)

Internet woes


We haven't fallen off the mountain, we just have extremely limited internet connection at the moment. No worries, we're still alive and enjoying the massive snowstorm that has settled into the Little Cottonwood Canyon. Bouillabase Mountain Style is on the menu for tonight's dinner, so rest assured we aren…(Read More)

Be my Valentine What do debunked saints, a mob massacre, punch, highballs and vinegar have in common? They’re all part of our Valentine’s day celebration. What Pope Gelasius I declared in 469AD, namely the honoring of Saint Valentine, who may have been two men, one from Rome and one from Terni, Pope Paul…(Read More)

Sablefish Steaks (1) Joe at Gotham Seafood may have thrown down the gauntlet, but I do believe we rose to the sablefish challenge. In case you are wondering, fresh sablefish is a cod fish is a butterfish, is a fine, fine tasty fish. One of the highest in omega3 fatty acids, it’s also richly…(Read More)

Mountain Food I don’t know what you pack when you go skiing, but socks, gloves and hats only come along after we’ve packed the confit and there is still room in the luggage. Let’s just say, If the plane goes down in the mountains, we won’t have to worry about eating…(Read More)

Thank You Foodista!


  A big thank you to the fun, fine folks at   Aroma Cucina is the featured food blog post for today with "Parsley loves Potatoes". is like Wiki for food lovers, only with a much better attitude and cool features.And sigh, what I wouldn't…(Read More)