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Do you think we could view the world of food as a many faceted, sparkling crystal? Shiny in spots and grubby in others? Do you think New Yorkers are a tribe unto their own? How does everyone afford to go out night after night? Why didn’t I didn’t know I could go to…(Read More)

Feeling restless at 4:00 am, I get out of bed and step on… a huge pile of grit. What on earth…it’s everywhere! It feels like kitty litter embedded on the soles of my feet…only…wait a minute! It’s cous cous! The floor is literally covered in cous cous. What…(Read More)

We picked olives this week, which is another sure sign that it’s time to get ready to head back to New York. Olive picking is a marvelous excuse to be outside on a gorgeous fall day, to climb a tree, to spend time with friends. Now if we could solve our olive pressing problems…(Read More)

Market Mojo


Euro 1,50 I may have arrived back in Italy on Monday, but I had to wait until Wednesday’s Market before it felt like I was truly back. I was looking forward to all things spring at the Umbertide market: fresh fave beans, artichokes, good oranges, getting a big hunk of parmigiano, abundant flowers…(Read More)

The $4.00 Radish


I bought a radish that costs $4.00, which just seems absurd. OK, it was at the farmer’s market, and it was a ‘watermelon’ radish, and the color seduced me; but since I’ve been back in NY, I feel like a kid in a huge candy store. The variety of things you can…(Read More)

Market Wednesday


We have two Dutch friends staying with us this week, and Klary, who has a beautiful blog of her own (in Dutch) made this observation this morning: “Markets in Holland are about getting what you need and moving on; this market is a social event.”   I know it is, but it made me…(Read More)

Festa in Umbertide


object width=”500″ height=”580″ align=”middle”> Umbertide had their festival on Saturday, and we had a glorious afternoon break so we took advantage of it! Put the roof of the car down and enjoyed all of that last summer sunshine. I don’t know why, but I love this festa, or fierie. It’s…(Read More)

Market Day


Today’s market was very social. We usually head right to Bar Mary for coffee and a cornetto, and this morning was no different.  It’s a small town, so as you sit, people you know stop by and have a coffee along with you.  It’s a great way to start the…(Read More)