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Two nights ago as I was making dinner, the salad greens were a little….limpy. Thinking about that lettuce video from yesterday, I threw the greens into a bowl of water for 20 minutes as I got the rest of dinner ready. Guess what…it worked! The greens weren’t market fresh crisp, but they…(Read More)

A picture, or a YouTube is worth a thousand words. The effects of water on lettuce….does this mean we should store our lettuce in a tub of water? From those mad scientists at…(Read More)



Zapping? I don’t know how to use a microwave oven. True confession. I can use methocel, but I can’t zap.We have one in Italy, only I never even knew it was there until I came into the kitchen one morning and found two of the ragazzi (young people) that were staying with…(Read More)

Recently Alex Talbot and Aki Kamozawa of “Ideas in Food” fame had written about a post about a smoke infused egg. Based on the premise that eggshells are porous they coated an egg with a powdered smoke paste for 48 hours and produced an egg that already had the scent of bacon infused into. Pretty…(Read More)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day A holiday that is synonymous with parades and drinking green beer in excessive quantities.  Here I am feeling sorry for myself that the streets will be full of drunken people, but at least it’s only for a day, in Dublin they celebrate for five days. UH-OH! Apparently…(Read More)

Sometimes meat is just too heavy at night. I’m not sure if it’s all the press about eating less meat that has gotten to me, or if it’s spending time in Italy, but I just can’t eat as much meat as I used to. So, standing at a nearly empty fridge…(Read More)

Red Pepper Magic


Roasted red peppers. Who can resist them? When can you ever make enough of them? And does anyone really not mind peeling them? That is one job that I just HATE. I’ll clean a kilo of sardines before I’ll tackle a kilo of peppers. (This applies to everyone but my friend Dario who…(Read More)

Sometimes you need to get out of the kitchen, and take a walk in the woods. That’s how we spent our peaceful New Years Day. Happy New Year to you, and here is my short list of wishes:I want to laugh a lot. When I cry, I want the shoulder of a friend…(Read More)