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Did your parents have a bottle of vermouth? Somewhere in the back of the liquor cabinet, the label was yellowed and the bottle was dusty? Maybe they even left it to you in their will. Dust off the bottle and throw it in the recycle. Now, get thee to the store and buy a fresh…(Read More)

San Sebastian Pinxos

t’s easy to fall in love with San Sebastian; we were seduced within moments of watching what was happening on the streets. Guys in suits were standing at the corner next to barefoot dudes heading to the beach. Kids were coming back from gym class, holding their surf boards.Stern matriarchal women stopped to…(Read More)

According to Paolo Rodaro, there are only four kinds of wine: red, white, good, or bad. If you taste a wine and think, “Hmmm…might be off.” and you taste again, and maybe a third time, Paolo thinks you are wasting time. You were right the first time, send the wine back. He uses real…(Read More)

People are coming over, or you’re going to a house party. What’s an appropriate libation? Something that doesn’t require precision, can be made in batches, and won’t knock you or your guests on their fannys would be a good start. Punch to the rescue…(Read More)

Tangiers Happy First Day of Spring! The tangerines are in season in my neck of the woods, and they were Jeff’s inspiration for the Tangiers Cocktail. 2 oz. gin. 1/2 oz Maraschinio 1/2 oz freshly squeezed tangerine juice Delish. Next time we’ll try it with a Campari rinse, just to keep…(Read More)