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Now onto the bells and balls. Those, unfortunately are missing. Last October the bells started getting erratic, and apparently over the winter, the music died. The official rumor is that there isn’t enough money in the town coffers to fix the bells. The unofficial rumor is that someone with clout thought the bells were…(Read More)

In the News


It’s been a roller coaster week for Aroma Cucina! On top of crazy festa doings, we’ve had some other good stuff going on…(Read More)

We’re back!


Back in the blog world! It was a wild and crazy time filming all those food videos! I’m told that if the crew immediately falls on the dish and eats it, then it must have looked pretty good. I’ll take that as an indication that things went pretty well. Thanks to everyone who…(Read More)

The marvelous and generous Elizabeth Helman Minchilli has put together a list of great places to have cooking classes, tours and adventures while you are in Italy. Keep this post bookmarked for your next trip to Italy: “Cooking Your Way Through Italy.” Thanks for including us Elizabeth…(Read More)

Can I be a proud auntie for a moment? My newly married niece, who has been my kitchen apprentice ever since the days when she needed to stand on a chair to help, has officially come into her own in the kitchen. We visited with family over the weekend, and my niece Alisha just blew…(Read More)

Gordon and Grub


I’m a little late with this, but it’s still awesome. A few years ago I was a student at Ital.cook, it’s a Slow Food sponsored school based in the city of Jesi in the Le Marche region of Italy.  To put this in perspective, when I applied for my student…(Read More)

Woohoo! We’re famous! Weinoo gave us a great write up on Gael Greene’s blog. We are in the Travel Section, and it even mentions my focaccia!  Scroll down to the bottom of the article for a picture of Montone and the review of Erba Luna Ristorante.  Thank you Weinoo!! Funny thing…(Read More)

Our dear friend Stacey recently moved into an amazing apartment and she invited us to come over last night and inaugurate the new stove. Can you imagine how excited and flattered I was to be asked to come and play on a marvelous, brand new Lacanche stove?  Stacey has that special sense, an ability…(Read More)