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Austin is crazy good place for IACP people to gather! Austin-ites love their town and their food. And it’s no wonder. It’s an easy going, BBQ scented kinda place. The higher the heels, the shorter the skirt. That appears to be the mantra for anyone under 20. And I believe the entire…(Read More)

Asian fusion confusion on a pork chop! Inspired by Vietnamese chef Duc Tran, who is the epitome of fusion. The guy has worked in Texas, Latin America, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Japan and has two world class restaurants named after Mangos in Hoi An Viet Nam. That’s enough to confuse anyone…(Read More)

Food Lovers Conference in NY, culinary school grants, food media survey, thoughts about pig testicles and a new found love of Indian food. Who says January is dull…(Read More)

I’m worried about my hometown. Are we New Yorkers resting on our foodie laurels instead of being at the forefront of the culinary movement? Are we becoming a faded rose’? Past our prime? When I tell someone to go to Philly for pizza instead of NY, that’s ominous. You want examples? Let’s…(Read More)

The IACP Conference has come to an end. It’s been a wild and crazy and wonderful time. Old friends, new friends, a fine time has been had by me. So, here in absolutely no order of importance, Ten Things I’ve Learned about Portland…(Read More)

Thank you patient Aroma Cucina readers for sticking around while we packed. It was a wild, wild ride getting our house emptied.  I never want to see another packing carton again.  We had great help, thank you Andrew, and met some crazy good people…if you need a fitness trainer in the Bronx…(Read More)

Two things I’ve just learned: ‘kahve’ is Turkish for coffee. Which would explain the beautiful, hand made Turkish delight sweets that were displayed. And the Khave House does music…(Read More)

Some places have a natural magnetism and power.  The early Popes acknowledged this when they were battling the scourge of paganism. They would tear down the pagan temples and build their own church on the same spot, hoping to capture the power. The Royal Kahve Coffee House, on the corner of Royal and Touro…(Read More)