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Saturday night was Algerian Night in our house. An unctuous lamb and prune tagine, lemon scented couscous, khobz flatbread flavored with wood smoke from the fireplace. I was dressed in my best Dorothy Lamour Goes Bedouin outfit, Jeff was suavely chic in his embroidered tunic…(Read More)

I'm not good at this. I don't like it. It's not my style. I won't ask again. As part of the Foodbuzz blogging competition I'm supposed to ask you to vote for my post. Here's the link. Just click the vote button once…(Read More)

It was late into the lunch hour, there was only one or two other tables that still had diners and they were already puffing on their cigarettes, when the gruff, white haired waiter set the platter of grilled sardines in front of me. The gorgeous scent of charred fish skin seduced my palate, the puddle…(Read More)