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Let’s say you have 3 kids. One is very tall, one is short and fat and one is absolutely medium in every way. Would you throw out the tall and short ones and just keep the medium one? Probably not. Besides there are laws about throwing your children into the trash just because they…(Read More)

Sustainable is the new organic. It’s the buzzword-du-jour. It’s soft marketing. let’s just talk about small farms and sustainable agriculture, ok? We can get to sustainable bio-dynamic gin and tonics another day. Not that I’m the least bit cynical about marketing techniques…(Read More)

Predictions: Chef Tattoos: In a timesaving move, many restaurants will have on-sight tattooing stations for line cooks. Sustainability becomes a hot button topic as two chef contenders in the reality show “Last One Standing” shoot each other over the final remaining morel in the state of Oregon…(Read More)

Is it alchemy or magic when a spell is cast and you are transported to another place? When words transport and images bring a place to life? Food bloggers are stuck in that nether world between art and craft, hobby and vocation, respect and silliness. Perhaps we belong to the old tradition of serial story…(Read More)

Do you think we could view the world of food as a many faceted, sparkling crystal? Shiny in spots and grubby in others? Do you think New Yorkers are a tribe unto their own? How does everyone afford to go out night after night? Why didn’t I didn’t know I could go to…(Read More)

There is much ado over Nathan Myhrvold’s Modernist Cuisine and if I had a spare room and a lot of extra cash…well, I still don’t think I’d buy it. In case you missed the coming of this encyclopedic behemoth, it’s 5 volumes, at around 500 bucks and it’s on…(Read More)

What goes on in the world of food media and marketing? Are we content to be treated as mindless children? walking wallets? elitist foodies devouring endangered species? Alice Waters included sharks fin in her wish list for a final meal and was soundly berated for being insensitive. Hell, I want some of those Ortolan little…(Read More)