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This is my end-of-the-season swan song to the tomatoes in our orto. As the vines wither at the bottom, there are yellow blossoms still sprouting at the top, and green fruit just hanging on in the middle. We spent the cold, wet spring together, you endured hail and high winds, while we…(Read More)

Fried fish tastes goooood. Fried flowers taste goooood. I know fried food has a bad rap, but it tastes so good. Would it be alright in moderation? Would it be alright when there are sparkling fresh little tiny fishes in the market and the zucchini flowers are prepubescently perfect…(Read More)

This bowl of soup is why people get on a plane and travel. It can only be served in one place on earth and it tastes of that unique place and time. You can’t make this soup at home. You can make a variation, but never this soup. In fact, this soup only exists…(Read More)

It’s one dish you shouldn’t mess with. No foams, no vacuum sealed marination with lovage shoots. It’s not improved by a precision presentation, because then it looks like you are aiming for distraction, instead of palate satisfaction. It’s simple and it should remain simple. Yes, it’s time for my annual…(Read More)

Kitchen Magic What is the emergency, go-to, secret weapon that I try to keep in my fridge at all times? And it’s not ketchup, although mustard takes second place. First place goes to:….Veal Stock! If Merlin the Magician waved his wand in your kitchen, he would give you this Secret Weapon…(Read More)

Lotus Root Obsession


Long and shapely, sensuous, an ancient symbol of sexual purity and detachment, the lotus root deserves more attention. It has an improbably beautiful lacy interior. The root is crunchy, mildly sweet, fibrous, versatile, so why hasn’t lotus root gone more mainstream? It’s a regular player in Chinese food, but it hasn’t crossed…(Read More)

I like to play with fire, so after harvesting some ripe tomatoes and a fistful of basil, I decided to experiment with adding just a kiss of heat to two different dishes. Just a bacio of heat to soften up the tomato sauce, and another kiss to add a warm parmigiana crust to a fresh…(Read More)

  No, black celery is not the stuff you find in the back of the fridge.  It’s a much revered type of celery that can only be grown in Umbria in the area around the picturesque town of Trevi. The town seems to be literally spilling down a mountainside, almost in defiance of…(Read More)

Do you know anyone who has open, empty kitchen cabinets yearning to be filled? No, me either, so if I’m going to devote storage space to something, it better be good.  Clay pots are worth every inch of space, secondo me. I use the deep cooking pots on my stovetop, directly on the…(Read More)