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This is my end-of-the-season swan song to the tomatoes in our orto. As the vines wither at the bottom, there are yellow blossoms still sprouting at the top, and green fruit just hanging on in the middle. We spent the cold, wet spring together, you endured hail and high winds, while we…(Read More)

I am a victim of betrayal! She was young, she looked fresh, vibrant, she seemed eager to get to work. She did smell a little strange, but I thought it was just youth. Turns out she was lazy, and did a barely passable job. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and face the facts…(Read More)

I’m worried about my hometown. Are we New Yorkers resting on our foodie laurels instead of being at the forefront of the culinary movement? Are we becoming a faded rose’? Past our prime? When I tell someone to go to Philly for pizza instead of NY, that’s ominous. You want examples? Let’s…(Read More)

Everybody loves bread sticks or grissini, as they are called in Italy. Fun and quick to make, they add a homemade touch to a cheese plate or a rustic accent to a simple pasta dinner. Oh come on, do you really need me to tell you when it’s a good time to eat a…(Read More)

Beer. Birra. Ale. Porter.  Micro-brew. Home Brew. Brewer’s Festivals. My son brings me bottles of his first batch of home brew: a smoked chocolate concoction that is intriguingly flavorful. Beer is hot these days.  The only thing missing is a beer movie that can make beer drinking chic instead of synonymous…(Read More)

The grapes were ripe, hanging, full, needing to be picked. Signor Bruschi let us know that it was time to pick them. We asked if he wanted any, and he laughed and said no. I knew we had to get them off the vine, but then what?? I mean, what do you do with about…(Read More)

Bake it, buy it, blog it.  This Friday, October 16, is the 4th annual World Bread Day where it doesn't matter what you do as long as you appreciate bread.   Details are on Koptchof's blog, in 5 languages, so you don't have an excuse.   I&#39…(Read More)

BLT in Italian = PIP


I confess that I really don’t miss too much American food, and I was never much of a sandwich eater, but I recently NEEDED to eat a BLT, but obviously it was going to have be Italian style, so we created the Pancetta Insalata Pomodori!   Here’s the recipe, but you’re on…(Read More)

Speaking in bread geek: how do you slash, people?  I’ve never been satisfied with my slash technique, so now I’m experimenting with the snip.  Slash is what you do to the bread loaf right before it goes into the oven so that you will get those lovely exploding patterns. I don…(Read More)