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I swear I’m not trying to rub it in, but unless you are in central Italy, right now, and unless it rains again, you probably won’t be able to taste the elusive prugnolo mushroom. There is a prugnolo cult in Umbria. Small signs pop up on restaurant windows simply announcing ‘prugnolo’. Nothing more…(Read More)

Robin Maxwell, author of Signora da Vinci, emailed me this morning on the olive & grape compote recipe and she asked: “Without the oil (you use only a splast) and balsamic vinegar to create a "juice" to simmer in, does it come out dry, or do the grapes produce a juice?  Lately…(Read More)

A recipe handed down through the centuries, emerging from the swirling mists of Tuscan history drifted into my kitchen. OK, maybe not really, but I did get inspired by the olive and grape recipe found in “Signora da Vinci” a fictional novel about DaVinci’s mama. If you can suspend belief and surrender to the…(Read More)

Tomato Tart


  We have officially reached critical mass in the orto. This means that for the first time, I hauled in more tomatoes than we could eat in a day! The tomato plants are actually taller than me, although that's not really a lot to brag about given my 'stature'!  Our…(Read More)

Summer is the season of the salad, when cooking and turning on the stove seems like an act of pure masochism, akin to enjoying a root canal. But after you’ve been making different salads every day, do you start to get salad fatigue? I know I do. I mean I love cucumbers, but not…(Read More)



Caciotta (Ka cho ta) is a soft, white cow cheese, that melts beautifully. It’s my go-to cheese when we don’t have anything else in the house, and we’re hungry, as in hungry NOW.I can’t find caciotta in New York City, even DiPaola’s on Grand St, who has one…(Read More)

Avocado Creme


Now this is a ‘foam’ that I know works. I’ve made this lots of times, usually as a foil for spicy shrimp, but last night this crème was delicious, just eaten on a piece of Belgian Endive. And you know I’m eating avocados now, because when I go back to Italy….no…(Read More)

Old Favorite


It’s sort of like going closet shopping. You know when you go to the back of the closet and dig out some forgotten gem?  We were hungry. There wasn’t much around in the kitchen. What to make for lunch? I had eggs, a bit of swiss chard and a leek. Sformata! I…(Read More)

Caramelized Onion Sformata (or this dish could be called: "What do I make for lunch when all I have is some eggs, an onion, maybe some asparagus and a little bacon?) Sformata4 eggs2T of milk1/2 medium onion, finely choppedsalt, pepper Sauce and Garnish4 oz. gruyere, comte, caciocavalle, ribiola or other mild…(Read More)