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Studio Shot  It’s not because it’s too hot to blog. It’s not because I'm neglecting you. It’s just because I’ve been cooking in the kitchen and nowhere near a computer. So I apologize, I know the blog has been quiet.
Aroma Cucina’s crew is working on a video cookbook and we’re cooking and shooting all sorts of delicious recipes. I can’t give away the details of this adventure, but it’s very exciting and we are thrilled to be a part of this project.
In a few weeks, the blog will be back to normal..or as normal as I can get!
Meanwhile, our orto is producing like crazy.  This shot is the haul from the garden right before I turned it all into lunch.

So please, send us good wishes…and some cooler weather!
Orto Bounty

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  1. How exciting!!! Good luck w/ all of it (and it was 57 degrees here this AM — I will send some cool if you send back some warm!) Today our fave are finally ripe! Got some beets and froze some peas, too. Also had to defend the garden from a rude man with an industrial mower! Don’t mow over the pregnant lady and her garden, or there will be hell to pay!!!

  2. Im in the kitchen and have
    limited computer access for the next weeks. Please bear with me…Ill
    answer your email as soon as possible.
    Ill be back on a normal schedule in the beginning of August.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Judith Klinger

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