BBQ Secret


Here is the only secret you need to know about grilling:

4th of July Red Happy 4th of July to everyone in the US!

It's a summer celebration where grills are lit, beers are sipped, watermelon pits are spit at each other (what, you don't that?) and we give thanks to the Brits for giving us our Independence.

Here is the only secret you need to know about grilling: grill on a wood fire.That's all. Don't tell me your gas grill takes wood chips, that charcoal briquette tastes good. Just build a wood fire.

Here's the other secret to a happy 4th: turn off the computer and go outside and play. Turn off your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and the little Droid you keep tucked away for emergencies and embrace your electronic Independence Day.

I want to hear about sweet corn. I want to hear dripping, oozing, buttery, sugary descriptions of sweet corn. I haven't had any in 5 years. Europeans don't 'get' sweet corn, so humor me, and report back in delicious detail and enjoy yourselves!

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  1. I bought a “few” ears at the farmer’s market on Essex St. this morning. It’ll go well with the classic macaroni salad we’re bringing to a neighbor’s 18th floor terrace tonight to watch the fireworks over the Hudson!

    It ain’t Montone, but then again, what is?

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