Tartufo Bianco and Polenta


It's a classic fall weekend here in the Upper Tiber Valley. The rain is falling, the fog is gathering, there is snow on the distant peaks.

Tartufi Freschi
And a white truffle festival in Citta di Castello. We went early on Saturday to beat the crowds and taste the new olive oil that's just been pressed. And of course, we wandered around sampling sausages.

Il Norcino
Chatting with the pretty onion ladies.

Onion Ladies

Admiring  a very interesting dog.

Out for a stroll 

Today is a chilly Sunday, and we were treated to a delicious polenta lunch.

Sunday afternoon polenta
And after polenta, we went for stroll around the Maridiana Alpaca farm.

Smile for the Camera

and Pizza Guru just called wanting to meet for pizza… so off we go. Never a dull moment.


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