The Great Tomato Taste-off


Beefsteak v- Ox Heart

Here in the land of the tomato rich, we decided to settle
the great debate, which tastes better: a beefsteak or an ox heart tomato.
Finally, we had two of the tasty orbs ripe at the same time.


The beefsteak tomato is huge, soft ball sized, round and incredibly
meat. I guess that’s how it got its name.


The oxheart is tear dropped shaped,  or now that I think of it, ox heart
shaped, more pinkish than tomato red, but also very meaty.


We approached the Taste Off quite scientifically. First
tasting only the sliced tomato, then with salt, then with salt and olive oil
and finally with oregano.


And the winner on all counts, except oregano, was the
beefsteak. It was simply more flavorful. The oregano teased out the nuances of
flavor in the ox heart, but overall it lost out to it’s meaty cousin.


What an absolute luxury to be able to do a side by side
tasting, and Signor Bruski was right, we didn’t plant enough tomatoes! This has
been duly noted in the things to do better next year notebook.

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