Tomorrow is Repeal Day!


Cocktails for 2
Repeal, not repent!
Tomorrow is the 75th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition. We're going out to a proper cocktail lounge to celebrate. But after reading NY Barfly's post, now I'm thinking I need to dress in a period costume. Then again I haven't bought anything new in so long I'm always dressed in a period costume.

To get yourself in the mood, check out this little Wiki entry on Carrie Nation. Pay special attention to the party about mental illness running in the family.  Hatchetations! Thanks god she couldn't get her hands on an automatic weapon or she probably would have gunned down McKinley herself. Yikes, she was one wackadoodle on a mission!

Come to think of it, I'll think I'll dress like my hero, Myrna Loy in the Thin Man films. Cocktails anyone?

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