Here it comes….more produce than you can possible handle. The season is upon us. I was at the COOP this morning, the local grocery store, and they are selling San Marzano plum tomatoes, by the crate.  There is a big sign up that you must buy the whole crate! For 3.60 euros. Now that’s a good deal.

We’ve got our first figs from the trees at Corlo!  We are serving them with a seared duck dish at the restaurant, but I confess that I like to just eat them plain, right from the tree.

And Festa update: Del Verziere lost. We came in last place. The whole rione is in mourning, and there is  some  very heart felt grousing that we lost for political reasons, not for merit. So it goes, life in a small town.

2 Responses to "Figs"
  1. Sorry about the rione’s loss! I’m sure you all deserved a better fate.

    But, you have figs! In that duck dish, are you sauteing them or serving them raw? They look so beautiful and would probably make an awesome gelato as well!

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